Activities of the
  • Metal work and manufacturing
  • Mechanical processing (sawing, lathing, milling, cutting, boring, drilling)  using CNC technology
  • Sheet metal processing (cutting, bending, edging)
  • MAG/WIG welding as well as spot welding
  • Electromechanical installation and testing
  • Installing component groups


In 1997 the Bremer-System-Technik GmbH arose from the ashes of the bankruptcy of the company DST (Deutsche-System-Technik).

The Bremer-System-Technik GmbH was founded by a former employee of DST, taking over not only much of the machinery and equipment of the defunct DST but also the documentation of previous DST projects as well as special production equipment.

The machinery and equipment of the Bremer-System-Technik GmbH have been successfully integrated into our new 1500 m² production facility in Bremen Woltmershausen.
In the early years, the Bremer-System-Technik worked mainly for the former customers of the defunct DST. However, due to our high quality and low cost manufacturing options, we managed to expand our customer base into the areas of the aerospace and automobile industries.

Since October 2005, the Bremer-System-Technik GmbH has been part of the TECHNOMAR group.

Since summer 2007, the Bremer-System-Technik GmbH has been residing on the premises of the Technomar GmbH & Co. KG, which means that communication paths are shorter both for us and our partners.