Activities of TECHNOMAR GmbH
  • Specialized machine engineering
  • Project supervision
  • Steel constructions
  • Aluminum constructions
  • Refined steel work
  • Pipe construction
  • Welding technology
  • Lifting and cargo handling equipment
  • Large scale installations
  • Installations abroad
  • Marine technology
  • Mega-yachts
  • Port cargo handling technology
  • After-sales service


We have many years of experience in remodeling, modifying and building vessel components for mega-yachts. In addition to the function of the components, our main emphasis is on corrosion protection and on the design.

Our Products and services
  • building pipe systems in steel, CuNiFe, CrNi-steel and aluminum
  • ship portals
  • renovating and modifying machinery systems
  • deck machinery
  • outer doors
  • bulwark ports
  • railings
  • hatches
  • tender boat shifting systems
  • masts
  • tender boat stores
  • Refurbishment of stern flaps and platforms
  • Integration of adjustable steps into platforms
  • Building and integration of foldable security steps in order to prevent unauthorized entering of the vessel deck
  • Various special designs
Modifying two previously fixed jutting projections on the rear platform of a mega-yacht. The jutting projections can be steplessly tilted by 90°, so that they are able to stand vertically into the water.

A stairway was integrated into the projection, whose steps adjust themselves to the tilt angle of the jutting projection and thus can be used in any position of the projection.
The railing is also mounted on a tilting bearing, so that the distance between the hand rails can be adjusted. Additionally, an extendable fendering system was integrated into the rear platform. Tender boats with weights of up to approx. 10 tons can be moored at this fendering system. The system was designed in 3D, which allows for simulating the complex motion sequences and geometries in the computer.
Special requirements:
• Noiseless operation of the system
• Absolute sea water resistance
• Excellent fit for optical reasons
• Easy and safe operation
• Different designs and drafts
• Design, calculation and manufacturing
• GL approval
• Commissioning
Megayacht Megayacht
The photo above shows the stern platform of a mega-yacht, executed as an automatically adjustable staircase. Technomar completely refurbished and modified this stern platform. Here you can see a fender system that we developed for a mega-yacht.
Megayacht After determining the static and construction data, we developed several design proposals in close coordination with the owner's representatives.

The result was a fender system made entirely of premium stainless steel.

A special feature is the easy handling of the system via a special step-up gear unit, which may be plugged onto the system.
Megayacht Abgasanlage
Subsequent installation of a step system at the foldable bathing platform of a mega-yacht.

The scope of the project was developing the design, carrying out calculations, refurbishing the stern flap, installing the hydraulic system and the PLC control system as well as manufacturing new railings.
Building an exhaust gas system from CrNi-steel for a mega-yacht.
Tender boat cradle for a mega-yacht.

Right: Electrically powered boat shifting system in the tender boat hangar of a mega-yacht.
Bronzeventil Bronzeventil
Bronze valve before refurbishment The same bronze valve after refurbishment
Dieselgenerator Dieselmaschine
Deinstalling the diesel generators of a mega-yacht Installing a diesel generator including foundation and piping aboard a mega-yacht
Yacht-Außentüren 3-D Analyse
Refurbishing the outer doors of yachts 3-D analysis for determining the optimal lever mechanical advantage
Oberflächenrissprüfung Tausch von Turbinen

Photo above: Replacing turbines aboard a mega-yacht including piping

Photo left: Checking a gear cogwheel for surface fissures