Activities of TECHNOMAR GmbH
  • Specialized machine engineering
  • Project supervision
  • Steel constructions
  • Aluminum constructions
  • Refined steel work
  • Pipe construction
  • Welding technology
  • Lifting and cargo handling equipment
  • Large scale installations
  • Installations abroad
  • Marine technology
  • Mega-yachts
  • Port cargo handling technology
  • After-sales service

The Company

Originally, TECHNOMAR's main fields of activity were in the area of marine technology and repairs, with assignments both in Germany and abroad.

In addition to classic metal work, TECHNOMAR manufactures complex systems and units for various industries, including ship building, aerospace engineering, environmental protection, conveyance and material handling technology.

The TECHNOMAR group also includes the engineering company H. Schroeder GmbH and the Bremer System Technik GmbH (BST).

The administrative offices for all three companies are centralized at TECHNOMAR GmbH.
Organigram Technomar Group
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